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Tramway Line T13



Take the tram from Saint-Germain-en-Laye to reach Saint-Cyr in 30 minutes. The T13 line is 100% electric and emits no greenhouse gases!

Discover neighborhoods that were once poorly served, now offering a more pleasant and easily accessible living environment.

The T13 tramway line was put into service during the summer of 2022. It has 12 stops, 7 of which were specifically created for the T13 tramway. It serves 12 municipalities spread across zones 4 and 5.

The starting station in Saint-Germain-en-Laye, located near the castle of the same name, also provides a connection to the RER A. The T13 serves the stops of Camp des Loges, Lisière Pereire, Fourqueux - Bel Air, Mareil-Marly, L’étang - Les Sablons, and Saint-Nom-La-Brétèche - Forêt de Marly. The latter is a connection point with the L line of the Transilien. Another stop is located in the municipalities of Noisy-le-Roi and Bailly.

The stops of Allée Royale and Les Portes de Saint-Cyr are the last ones before the terminus of Saint-Cyr in the municipality of Saint-Cyr-L’École, which is home to the famous military school of the same name. The terminus allows connections with the N and U Transilien lines as well as the RER C.

The T13 tramway trains have been designed for greater comfort and safety. Travel peacefully and in an environmentally friendly way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many stops are there on tramway line T13?

    There are 12 stops on tramway line T13.

  • How to buy a tramway ticket?

    The Ticket t+ is valid on the entire tramway network. You can load your Tickets t+ (in booklets or individually) onto your Navigo Easy pass. The Navigo Easy pass is sold for 2€ and offers advantageous rates on booklets of Tickets t+. You can recharge your Navigo Easy pass using the Bonjour RATP application on compatible devices.

  • What is a tramway driver called?

    The wattman is the name given to the driver of a tramway. Wattman comes from the word watt, a unit of power used in electricity, the energy source of the tram. Nowadays, this name is no longer used. We would rather say "traminot".

  • Who invented the tramway?

    George Stephenson, a British engineer, invented the tramway in 1832. He designed the first commercially used rail tramway. His invention allowed people to travel more easily and quickly in large cities.

  • How many RATP tramway lines are there?

    In 2023, there are 13 tramway lines in Île-de-France, 9 of which are operated by the RATP group.

  • Lost items: how does it work?

    Have you lost an item? RATP offers you the possibility to report its loss in order to find it.

    In both cases, you are asked to describe the lost item (typology, color, brand) and provide your contact details. If the item is found, you will be notified by SMS or email, depending on the contact method you have declared.

    Coming soon: you will be able to have the found item delivered to you (shipping service at your expense, subject to the eligibility criteria of the item for acceptance by the carrier Chronopost, in accordance with the general shipping conditions)