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Check out the Paris metro map to discover all the lines of the network and plan your trips in the capital at a glance! Since the birth of line 1 in 1900, the Paris metro network has grown significantly. The Paris metro currently has 16 lines and 303 stations spanning 225 km of tracks. Each year, the network provides 1.5 billion trips, allowing Parisians and visitors to quickly travel from one end of the city to the other.

The Paris metro map allows you to visualize all the underground and aboveground lines that traverse the city to serve all of Paris within the city limits and the surrounding suburbs. After the extension of the first metro section beyond the gates of Paris in 1934, many lines now cross the ring road, strengthening the connection between the capital and neighboring municipalities.

The city is expanding along with its transportation network. The Grand Paris Express project plans for a considerable extension: four new metro lines and the extension of line 14 will offer an additional 200 km of lines to the network. Between 2024 and 2030, your metro map will double in size! In the meantime, remember to download the metro map in PDF format to consult and take it with you everywhere.

Metro map in Paris and Île-de-France

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